Dorset Waterpark


Dorset Waterpark - a woodland, wet, adventure park in Purbeck
Wahey-mouth! Top 5 Weymouth Attractions

If you are heading to the Dorset coast on holiday this season or live locally and are looking for more locations to explore, our top 5 guide of what to do in Weymouth if the post for you!

International Women's Day: The Female Boss!

The Outdoors Industry always needs more women and girls to get involved, things are changing but there’s still more that we can do.

Company Culture: When every day's an away day!

It’s safe to say that I’m fairly excited to spend a summer basking under the sun in the beautiful Dorset countryside. Every day in the ‘office’ feels like an away day. Now, I’m lucky enough to have enjoyed every job I’ve had. The...

Family days out vs screen time - why so important?

Summer…long sunny days (hopefully!) filled with the possibility of adventure, the wild outdoors and….the kids on the sofa, plugged in and staring at their screens. Familiar picture? It’s so easy to get impatient with our kids and berate...

Top 5 Outdoor Experiences in Dorset!

Top Five Summer Fun Outdoor Activities in Dorset

Whether you are preparing for a holiday in Dorset or you live in the area, the Southwest of England is the ideal location for summer fun. Blessed with stunning scenery, gorgeous weather...

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