Dorset Waterpark

April Showers - Waterproof plans for the Easter Holidays

April Showers - Waterproof plans for the Easter Holidays

The Easter Holidays are a mixed blessing. If the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the lambs are appearing in the meadow-like fields, then the Easter Holidays are quite frankly, a dream - blissful infact. However, as we parents are well aware if the April showers start pouring, the kids start screaming, the TV remote gets hurled across the room and the hair on our heads gets greyer by the second. But fear not! We have compiled our top tips and quirky ideas to make your children’s Easter Holiday the best yet (…and therefore your’s too) when it’s at risk of being rained off!

Private Cinema Screening

It seems to me that cinema tickets are orbiting in their own universe entirely, a universe in which inflation knows no logic, rhyme or reason. Rather than spending £20 for your 7 year old to watch a substandard film with a box of popcorn that is knocked over before the trailers have ended, why not let your little ones host their very own private film screening at home for a few of their favoured friends? Keep costs down by asking every child to come along with their favourite film, which can then be voted on by the group. Even renting a newly released blockbuster from a streaming service is going to keep the purse strings tightened at around £6 rental cost. You could consider spending the day before crafting custom made tickets and sweetie bags to add to the fun of the day. Arranging the chairs in an auditorium format will add to the occasion, as will designating one of your tiny terrors to act as the ‘usher’ showing guests to their seats.

Inside-out picnic

So many of the best things about drier days over the Easter break can still be enjoyed in the rain with a little imagination! One of my favourites is to bring the simple joy of packing a picnic, back to the great indoors! Getting the children involved with making their sandwiches of choice and packing the tupperware pots is a lovely way to start the day. We move the kitchen table to one side, replace it with a picnic blanket and cushions, bring the potted plants in to add to the effect and dig into the freshly packed picnic! We tend to replace ball games for board games during the day which obviously doesn’t burn quite as much energy, but the change from the normal routines keeps the mini humans suitably distracted from the grizzly weather outside.

Dorset Waterpark

When the rain is pouring, where better to spend the day than somewhere that you are going to get drenched whatever the weather?! Dorset Waterpark is a wet and wild woodland waterpark situated in the heart of the Purbeck Hills. The Waterpark hosts not one, but two lakes consisting of extensive and elaborate inflatable obstacle courses (think of something along the lines of It’s A Knockout and Total Wipeout!) for children and adults alike to scramble their way round. Both lakes are fully lifeguarded and staff have been trained to ensure that their guests have an amazing time in rain or shine! There are plenty of undercover areas for adults to set up camp, and a snack shack offering a range of hot food and drink to make braving the rain all the more bearable! Waterproof fun for all the family!


Think of ToucanBox as the Graze box for children. It is the letterbox sized parcel that arrives each fortnight and keeps it’s ‘toucanoos’ entertained for hours with various crafty endeavours, artistic challenges and creative tasks, giving you a few hours respite at the same time! ToucanBox is aimed at 3-8 year olds and contains tasks that are suitable for children of this age to complete unaided. The boxes come in a range of sizes, so you can pick the perfect pack for your posse. Your first box is completely free and boxes thereafter cost £5.95. No great cost for the fun they provide!

Plant your own

The glorious nature of simple veggies is that regardless of it being gale force 9 outside, you can still let little hands plant tomatoes and peas from the warmth of your home, or garden shed. Easter is also the perfect time of year to set lettuce, kale, sweetcorn, cucumbers, strawberries and french beans to sow. Once the planting has commenced, you can start to gather yummy meals that you can make with your children in the summer holidays, using the ingredients that they have nurtured over the previous few months. Watching seeds develop into fully formed edible goodies over time offers a wealth of life lessons for children at the same time as being engaging, entertaining and yummy!