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Watersports Holidays: Stress relieving and soul soothing

Watersports Holidays: Stress relieving and soul soothing

It will come as no great surprise that at Dorset Waterpark we are big fans of all things watersports! So you can imagine our delight to find our newsfeeds full of images of everyone’s favourite former US President, Barack Obama, taking to the water on his recent holiday. It got us thinking about why watersports are a key element to any stress-busting holiday these days. Whether you’re planning a holiday in the Caribbean or the South Coast, there’s nothing like splashing around in the surf. And hey, if they’re good enough to shake off the stresses of running an entire country, watersports are surely the perfect holiday activity to calm you too! Here’s our thoughts on why you should test the water…

Since the beginning of time, water has gained itself a reputation for having cleansing and calming qualities. From Roman Baths, to holy water, our friend H2O has got a pretty good name for itself as the most spiritually serene element. It is after all the ‘elixir of life’… and let’s face it, it’s a whole lot of fun to jump into, surf on, splash in and sail across!

Exotic shorelines and balmy beaches might be the favoured holiday destinations of Obama, Branson and their rich and famous friends, but you don’t have to travel far to recreate your own watersports weekend with exactly the same health benefits.

Here on the Dorset Coast we are lucky enough to have a wealth of watersports on offer. From SUP lessons to waterskiing and sailing to our very own inflatable woodland waterpark, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy yourself amongst the waves whilst here on holiday. Watersports on the whole are a great form of exercise because the swimming associated with them works almost every part of your body, helping you burn calories the natural way. This increases your metabolism and helps to keep your body fighting fit and energised, improving immunity against coughs and colds, as well as nastier illnesses. The idea of returning from a holiday healthier than when you left is just one of the reasons that watersports have become such a popular addition to travel junkies jaunts.

In addition to the exercise benefits, water has a gentle and naturally soothing quality that makes it great not just for your body, but for your mind too. Typically watersports take place in picturesque surroundings (just look at the natural beauty of our home at Dorset Waterpark), where you are at one with nature, calming the mind and reducing anxiety. Studies show that anything from watersports to floating on water, or even sitting close to water, have the ability to lower your stress levels and increase your relaxation levels. This makes a trip to a waterpark or beach the perfect calming addition to any holiday.

So, if you aren’t already convinced to schedule a water-based excursion in to your summer holiday, we have one final but crucially important point to make… it’s flipping great fun being out on the water!! You only have to look at the smiles on our guest’s faces (holidaymakers and locals alike!) to realise that watersports are exhilarating and energising ways to wile away a weekend. What’s more, they are the perfect addition to a British-based getaway, as the weather can’t dampen your spirits when you’re planning on getting drenched anyway! Dorset Waterpark is the perfect location for toe-dippers and daredevil divers alike, whether you’re a big bunch of pals or a family looking for a bonding activity for all ages, we’d love to make you feel like Obama for the day! Check out our blog post on outdoor activities in Dorset for more family friendly options.