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Things To Do In Dorset - The Foodie Edition!

Things To Do In Dorset - The Foodie Edition!

Dorset and The Purbecks are fast becoming a foodie haven with artisan breweries and bijoux coffee shops popping up left, right and centre. We thought it was only fair to give you our run down of the top foodie things to do in Dorset too…

Try a Lillet-Put Martini

Artisan gins are big news in the UK. In the last two years alone the number of registered gin distilleries has tripled in Great Britain, and it’s not hard to see why. The instagramable copper distillation instruments, the array of fanciful and exotic infusions, and, well the fact that when mixed with tonic it becomes the holy grail of all summer beverages! Dorset is no exception to the surge, and we couldn’t be happier (or should we say ‘merrier’?!). Lilliput Gin are the latest offering from the South Coast and with it’s botanical blend and underlying infusions of basil, olive, thyme and rosemary it is a necessity for any gin enthusiast’s alcohol cabinet. Lilliput Gin have most recently collaborated with Koh Thai restaurants across Bournemouth to produce a range of taste bud tingling cocktails, such as the Lillet-Put Martini or the ‘Just Peachy’ created to keep summer alive, even when the sun is sleeping!

Grab a bacon bap at Haven Ferry Cafe

When rustic seaside charm is all that will satisfy, this is the location for you. As soon as the summer months hit, the Dorset Coast becomes a frantic, frenetic, fabulous foray of guests and locals alike. The gargantuan queue for the Sandbanks Ferry serves as a visual reminder to locals of just how lucky we are to call this place ‘home’. But if you want to steal a moment of quiet, and enjoy a peaceful plod along the shoreline, Haven Ferry Cafe can provide you with the perfect accompaniment. Open from 8am on weekends, you can head down ahead of the crowds and watch the sunrise over Sandbanks’ golden dunes, with a crusty bacon bap and a mug of freshly ground and brewed coffee for company. As the name may suggest, the Haven Ferry Cafe is primely situated next to the Sandbanks Ferry terminal, making it a perfect pitstop after a long journey or a long wait for the next ferry crossing. For those escaping the city, this place acts as an instant reminder that you are also escaping city prices - a decadent brunch of stacked maple syrup pancakes will cost you just £3.15 in pocket money.

Enter our Facebook competition teaming up with Crab Apple Catering!

The fabulous folk of Crab Apple Catering are an exceptional bunch. More than just providing quality catering to the Dorset masses, the are self-certified foodie obsessives - they spend all of their time around food, growing it, hunting it, foraging for it, pulling it out of the sea, preparing it and eating it! If you want to experience the delights of Dorset born and reared pork then you simply cannot miss out latest Facebook competition. We are offering one lucky company the chance to win exclusive hire of one of our lakes here at Dorset Waterpark for a 60 minute team-building session, followed by a delicious hog roast with all the trimmings provide by the fabulous Crab Apple Catering themselves. To enter, simply head to our Facebook page and leave a comment on our competition post tagging your place of work as well as the colleague that you would like to see rewarded for their hard work.

Be one of the first to sample Purbeck Paella

We love it when we get wind of a new business popping up in the Purbeck Hills and it only pleases us more when the business produces food that tastes quite this yummy! The Purbeck Paella gang are based just up the road from us here in the Rempston region and made their commercial debut at the fabulous Fish Festival in Swanage. They will be popping along to all of the local food festivals over the summer months and we highly recommend that you pay them a visit. They offer all of the classic paella combo’s, but our personal favourite is the Purbeck seafood portion.

Take advantage of a Dorset Knobs photo opportunity

Now, of course you could simply pick up a yummy local cheese, such as the Ford Farm Coastal Cheddar, a pot of chutney from the Rebecca’s Kitchen range and just gorge on Dorset Knob biscuits until you can gorge no more. HOWEVER, the immature side of us feels that far more importantly than enjoying the produce, the packaging provides the perfect comedic photo opportunity making this a must do for a weekend in Dorset! I do not remember the last time that I endured…sorry, enjoyed a weekend of hosting out-of-town friends, without forcing them to pose with a bag of Dorset Knobs in hand, with a caption along the lines of “Who is the biggest…” a childish giggle will never fail to ensue!