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Last Minute Christmas Gifts!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts!
It is inevitable that almost 97% of conversations this week will begin with the sentence “I can’t believe it’s less than a week until Christmas…”. It’s true that 2017 has whizzed past with shocking rapidity and the festive season seems to have popped up out of nowhere! You might be the type that smuggly had all of the presents wrapped and under the tree by the 1st of December. HOWEVER, if you are in any way similar to us, you’ll be spending this week frantically roaming round shop aisles, hoping for some last minute inspiration to spring out at you. Do not fret though dear friends, we have put together our list of the best last minute gifts so that you need not worry any further!

What happened to the humble photo album? We are so busy snapping each and every moment on our smartphones these days, that we fail to remember how wonderful it felt to pick up our developed photos without a clue of what had been papped! This Christmas why not make it the thought that counts? Scan through your iphone pics, trawl through Facebook snaps and instagram posts and collate a collection of pictures throughout 2017 that represent special moments and memories shared since 1st January? You can get photos printed in less than an hour by professional outlets, or pick up some photo paper and print from the comfort of your own home. Framing photos is always beautiful, but if you’re pushed for time why not go for the old school scrapbook approach and get some coloured card and pritt stick and whack ‘em all down with a little description of why you picked each image scribed underneath?

Whilst we’re talking along the lines of demonstrating a little old school cool this Christmas, let’s talk about every 80s child’s favourite gift - the mixtape! So we may no longer be in the era of recording Radio 1’s Top 40 on to cassette, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t put a modern twist on the idea of a mixtape. Send a simple message to 10 - 15 people that know your friend or loved one well and ask them to name the song that reminds them most of your gift recipient. If they’d be happy to share a little of the story behind their chosen track that’d be even better. Once collated, whack them all onto a Spotify playlist and design a running order (complete with explanations for each song) to print and pop in a Christmas card. It is such a thoughtful and meaningful gift that takes such little time to arrange and is free other than the time it takes you - what more could you be looking for in a last minute gift?!

You may feel like a far cry from balmy summer evenings and larking about in lakes, but it’s as the days slowly begin to get longer that our minds wander towards thoughts of sunnier climates. This year, why not consider getting your friends and family the gift of memories to come, in the form of a Dorset Waterpark voucher? Our vouchers are sent out first class so as long as they’re ordered by Thursday 21st december you’ll have them in time to get them beautifully wrapped and nestled under the tree before the big day! Dorset Waterpark vouchers are redeemable at any point throughout the 2018 season, so it’s entirely up to you if you want to brave a dunk on our opening day - 30th March - or whether you would prefer to wait until that illusive English summer approaches!

Gingerbread and Christmas, Christmas and gingerbread - the two are just synonymous aren’t they?! As I sit composing this blog in fact, the tempting smell of the spicy dough is wafting through the house. The reason for this is that half my pals will be receiving homemade gingerbread snowmen as their festive gift this year. Not only are they a delicious addition to any gift, they are incredibly simple and fun to make - perfect if you have any little people that need entertaining throughout the school holidays. This of course has the added benefit of being able to play the ‘the children tried so hard’ card if they go terribly wrong! I follow this recipe from the lovely folk at the National Trust, taking just 30 minutes from start to completion!

Whatever you end up gifting, and wherever you are spending your Christmas Day - we wish you a happy and peaceful festive period and best wishes for 2018.