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Dorset Mud Trail opens for Muddy fun in the Easter holidays

Dorset Mud Trail opens for Muddy fun in the Easter holidays

Those of you that visited Dorset Waterpark throughout the 2017 season will know that we share our home with some rather adorable, incredibly greedy piggies! Now, they don’t have a bad life these hogs. They lounge about in the sun, get fed in an abundance by eager guests exchanging their 50p for a bag of piggy pellets and lastly but most importantly they get to explore their enourmous pens and spend their days wallowing and wiggling in marvellous mud. It was as we were watching them squeal with happiness, sploshing through muddy puddles that the thought came to us - it’s not just our trotter-weilding pals that enjoy getting stuck in the mud!

It is with great excitement that we can therefore announce to you, the latest offering for the 2018 season…The Dorset Mud Trail! The team here at Dorset Waterpark are working round the clock throughout these dreary winter months to set-up a brand new, family friendly, muddy assault course. If you are not the type to worry about getting your hands (…and face, and legs and feet and hair…) dirty, then this is the obstacle course for you! Leap over lagoons, swing over swamps, bounce through bogs and achieve full swamp monster status!

Muddy endurance races have become exceedingly popular amongst adults with participant numbers for the most popular races reaching over 3 million participants to date. But why should adults be having all the fun?! With the NHS scheme ‘Change 4 Life’ urging parents to get their children moving for 60 minutes a day, Dorset Mud Trail has been set-up with the intention of getting families active without the little ones even realising that they are exercising. Though the Dorset Mud Trail is not a race (guests are encouraged to complete the course at their own pace) it is much more physically demanding than playing a computer game - and a whole lot more fun!

Dorset Mud Trail comprises of more than 30 unique and challenging obstacles to tackle including the Tunnels, the Gladiator Rings and the Cargo Nets. Guests will be given a map of the course, but how you choose to negotiate each individual swing, slide or tunnel is entirely up to you! There is no time limit to the course, but we will be running competitions at various points throughout the season with prizes on offer for the quickest completion time in each age category, so why not get some practice in early?!

One of the best things about the Dorset Mud Trail is that it is suitable for all ages. From Granny and Gramps to the tiddlers, with a bit of old fashioned teamwork no-one should be left stuck in the mud!

Guests can tackle the muddiest mile in Dorset for just £5 per person for under 6 year olds, £7 for 7 to 15 year olds and £8 for adults (aged 16+). We are happy to offer a discount of £1 per person for any participants who have also taken part in a Dorset Waterpark session. If you want to bring a crowd and make an occasion of it, private hire and group discounts are available for groups of more than 20 people. Additionally Birthday party packages and school packages are also available.

Dorset Mud Trail launches on our opening day, Friday 30th March (which just so happens to be Good Friday). So the real question is will you be down with the dirt or will it be more mud, sweat and tears?! Check out the new Mud Trail website for more details!