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How to Stop Children Getting Bored at Easter

How to Stop Children Getting Bored at Easter

The Easter holidays are fast approaching; that’s right chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies are a little over a month away. It’s a really exciting time for children (chocolate and free time - how good does that sound?) but it can be a drain for adults. The weather is unpredictable, the children are on a sugar-high and they need a way of burning off their energy.

Luckily we’re here to help! So, without further ado, here are our top tips to stop children getting bored during the Easter holidays.

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Activities for children in Easter

Read on to find out our suggestions for how to entertain children in the Easter holidays.

How to stop children getting bored on rainy days inside

What to do in Dorset when it rains

For parents, the Easter holidays can be expensive. Not only are there the chocolates and the hot cross buns there are also the days out; all this mounts up pretty quickly. That’s why rainy days inside are a great opportunity to get the kids playing around without spending a penny.

Read on to learn about our suggestions for rainy days inside.

Argh, Captain, it’s a treasure hunt


A treasure hunt can be a fantastic way of keeping young children entertained, exercising their imagination and burning off some of their energy. It’s a suitable activity for either parents or grandparents who might be helping out with childcare. You can be as invested as you like; the more organised among us might even make clues or a treasure map to add to the whole game. For more fantastic ideas about how to create a brilliant treasure hunt, the Spruce has some top tips here.

Entertain children with a pizza party

Throw a party, a pizza party! Pizza is a fantastic food for children to be involved in making, and a pizza party is a great way of entertaining children in the Easter holidays. You can either make or buy a plain base and then get the kids involved in choosing what they as toppings. It’s a good idea to pre-cut the vegetables for toppings beforehand and prepare items such as aprons (it can get messy!), rolling pins and some kitchen towel! Want more hints about how to have a pizza party? Check out this post from Project Nursery.

Dress up

Who doesn’t love a bit of dressing up? Rummage around in the back of the wardrobe, dig out those old clothes (those 80’s power dressing suits are never coming back in) and just have fun. If you’re stuck for inspiration why not encourage your kids to base their dress up on their favourite Disney movie - you might even get to join in and sing that song from Frozen, all together now…

Rainy Days Out (Seriously)

Dorset Mud Trail

A rainy day out might not sound like much fun but that’s probably because you haven’t been to Dorset Mud Trail yet. This 3km trail around the grounds of Dorset Waterpark features over thirty obstacles including monkey rings and rope bridges! It has showers and changing facilities to wash off afterward and is free for spectators to enter - visit for more information.

Sunny Days out in Dorset

Things to do in Dorset in Easter

It’s not always raining though! There are loads of things to do in Dorset, and Corfe in particular, that don’t cost a fortune. Here are a few things that you can do in Dorset to keep kids entertained in the Easter holidays.

Learn at Corfe Castle

Where better to start than with Corfe Castle. This iconic castle, now owned by the National Trust, was partially demolished in 1646 during the English civil war.

Mix your history with fun, visit Corfe Castle then come and splash out at Dorset Waterpark.

Only £12.50 if booked 7+ days in advance.

Take a walk

With the wonderful Chesil beach, Studland beach and Durdle Door in our back garden the Dorset coast makes for a wonderful day out, for free! Take a stroll around and take in the wonderful views that Dorset has to offer.

Marvel at Maiden Castle

The fantastic iron age fort of Maiden castle is one of the largest hill forts in Europe. It’s free to enter and its banks cover an area the size of about 50 football pitches. It’s located just outside of Dorchester, only about a thirty minute drive away from us.

Let Dorset Waterpark help you to entertain in the Easter Holidays

Easter Holiday at Dorset Waterpark

Well, we couldn’t finish this blog without mentioning ourselves now could we! Offering great value for money (just £12.50 if booked more than seven days in advance) Dorset Waterpark is a great place to entertain your kids (aged 6+) this Easter; it’s also great fun for all those big kids out there.

Set on two enormous lakes overlooking Corfe Castle Dorset Waterpark has loads of inflatable obstacles, including a trampoline, flip bag, slide, climber, monkey bars and even a wiggle bridge (you have to visit to find out what that is!).

Our dedicated team and highly trained lifeguards keep the children safe while you can watch…but it’s much more fun to join in! Learn more about the fun that awaits you at Dorset Waterpark here.

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