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Big Age Gap? Little Worry.

Big Age Gap? Little Worry.

The Easter holidays are upon us. The kids are off school and chocolate abounds. As all parents know, it’s an exciting time for children and a difficult one for adults; particularly if the children are of different ages. Fear not though; we’re here to help! We’ve some top activities for children of different ages in Dorset - something to keep everyone entertained from the ages of six to sixteen (or even sixty!).

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How can Dorset Waterpark entertain kids of different ages?

Entertain kids of different ages at Dorset Waterpark

It can be difficult finding something that entertains children of different ages; luckily, Dorset Waterpark is perfectly geared up to help you. Here’s a quick run through of what is on offer and why Dorset Waterpark is perfect for entertaining kids of all ages.

Younger children (aged 6 and up)

Dorset Waterpark is suitable for younger children aged ages six and upwards. As long as younger children are confident in the water and able to swim fifty metres then they are more than welcome to join in. All children aged under twelve should be accompanied by an adult - great news for adults looking for something fun to do!

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Entertaining children aged 12 and over!

Entertaining children of different ages is difficult, luckily Dorset Waterpark is perfect for this! Children aged over 12 don’t have to be accompanied by an adult, but a parent of guardian must be present during the safety briefing and give consent for all of those taking part aged under 18.

…and for those ‘big kids’

Dorset Waterpark is not just for children. If you’re looking for something to entertain children of different ages during the Easter Holidays then why not entertain yourself at the same time? Adults are welcome to take part at Dorset Waterpark - we even have special packages for corporate groups and hen groups.

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Tips for entertaining kids of different ages in the Easter Holidays

Here are some other tips for entertaining children of different ages during the Easter holidays.

Splash out at the swimming pool

While swimming pools are not as much fun as jumping off inflatables at Dorset Waterpark they are great for entertaining a group of mixed aged kids. They can also be seen as great practice for your fun time at Dorset Waterpark!

A list of swimming pools in Dorset can be found here.

Bat a ball around the park

Heading to the park with a bat and ball is a great way of entertaining children of different ages. Why not set up a game of rounders, football or even just catch?

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Take a trip to the beach

Why not take a trip to the beach? It’s free (unless like us you’re partial to an ice-cream or two) and great fun for all ages. In this part of the world we are lucky to have some fantastic beaches for relaxing, swimming and even fossil hunting.

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More ideas?

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to entertain children of different ages in the Easter holidays then take a look at our blog ‘How to Stop Children Getting Bored at Easter’.

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