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Looking After the Grandchildren? How to Keep Them Entertained

Looking After the Grandchildren? How to Keep Them Entertained

Looking after grandchildren is a fantastic experience, especially in the Easter holidays! It’s a great time to spend time with them and do something really special while their parents are at work. But, as wonderful as looking after the grandchildren is, it can be draining. Especially at this time of year when there is an awful lot of chocolate about (a lot of it coming from the grandparents - you know who you are!).

At Dorset Waterpark we’re all about entertainment (that and loads of fun on the water!), so these are our top tips on keeping the grandchildren entertained in the Easter holidays.

How to keep the grandchildren entertained during the Easter holidays

Entertain grandchildren in the Easter holidays

If you don’t want to just sit them down in front of an iPad here are our top tips for keeping the grandchildren entertained this Easter. Read on to find out more.

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Games for younger grandchildren

Games to play with grandchildren

Most younger children love active games - fun for them but exhausting for the grandparents (especially after the fifth round of hide and seek!). So here are some games that will keep the kids entertained without wearing you out!

  • Secret messages Make up a secret code with your grandchildren and practice writing messages to one and other. It’s an easy way to entertain the younger grandchildren from the comfort of the kitchen table.

  • Paper airplanes In a world of smartphones and tablets, the simple pleasure of paper airplanes has quite possibly been forgotten. Why not teach the grandchildren to make and throw paper airplanes? Turn it into a competition, who can throw their plane the furthest?

  • Read a book Forget YouTube, reading is a much better form of entertainment - besides, books are far easier to use! Make it grandparents/grandchildren book club! Use props to help tell the story - make outfits out of old clothes or tea towels - just have fun with it.

Want more ideas for games?

The Huffington Post has over 100 suggestions of games that grandparents can play with their children, click here to see all their suggestions.

Games for slightly older grandchildren

What can grandparents do to entertain slightly older grandchildren this Easter holiday? Here are our suggestions for games grandparents can play with those getting closer to being teenagers.

Build a rocket!

Build a rocket with your grandchildren

Amaze the grandkids, keep them entertained and get them involved with that classic of kids toys - a bottle rocket. All you need is a fizzy drinks bottle, a wine cork and a bicycle pump - learn how to make a bottle rocket here thanks to the BBC.

Make your own music video

Make your own music video with the grandchildren

There’s no escaping technology. If the grandchildren are glued to their smartphones or tablets then channel their love of tech into something more productive than passively staring at the screen. Get them to use their smartphones to record their very own music video - why not hit the dressing up box as well to and channel some of those Marc Bolan vibes.

Dorset Waterpark - perfect for the grandchildren

Take the grandchildren to Dorset Waterpark

Dorset Waterpark is the perfect place to entertain the grandchildren, particularly those in their early teens this Easter. Read on to learn more.

Fun in a safe and secure environment

Fun at Dorset Waterpark

We know that as grandparents you don’t want to be running around after grandchildren for the whole Easter holidays. What you want is a safe and secure environment where the grandchildren can blow off steam and have a fantastic day out. That’s where Dorset Waterpark comes in.

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Suitable for those aged six and up

Suitable for those aged six and up

Dorset Waterpark is perfect for entertaining the grandchildren. It’s suitable for ages six and up, though it is recommended that children under 12 are accompanied; all children should be confident in the water and able to swim fifty metres.

A great bunch of staff

We have bunch of staff at Dorset Waterpark

We’ve a great bunch of staff here at Dorset Waterpark, including our fantastic lifeguards who not only keep things safe, they also make it all fun.

Great facilities

Not only is there a 65 metre Castle lake, there’s also an even bigger (yes even bigger) 85-metre woodland lake - both full of fantastically fun inflatables! There’s also a snack shack for refreshments after your session on the lake - or for weary grandparents to rest their feet at. Find out more about Dorset Waterpark on our blog here.

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