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Burn Off that Chocolate

Burn Off that Chocolate

The Easter holidays might be coming to an end but can the same be said of the Easter chocolate? As fun as Easter was all that chocolate, hot cross buns and the like are best burned off. That’s why, in this blog, we’ve some top tips for entertaining active kids in the Easter holidays.

What’s the deal with Easter chocolate?

Easter eggs

Ah, Easter chocolate, it’s been on the shelves long before Easter Sunday and which one of us has not enjoyed a Creme egg or two…or three? Then there are the wonderful hot cross buns, perfect with a cup of tea and a nice sit-down. But sadly, as with most things we enjoy, Easter eggs come with some bad news - each egg contains somewhere around 1000 calories! That means that to burn off one Easter egg you need to do about 100 minutes running!

With that in mind, why not make yourself a cup of tea, finish that Easter egg and read our top tips for entertaining active kids this Easter.

Entertainment for active kids this Easter

From mini-Olympics through to some classic childhood games. Read on to find out more tips on entertaining active children this Easter.

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A mini Olympics for children

You’re it!

It’s time to bring back tag! Forget smartphones, tablets, and laptops there’s little that can beat a good old-fashioned game of tag. Find a park or if you’re lucky enough to have a large garden then use that. Nominate who is going to be ‘it’ and then enjoy the laughter as you and your children chase each other about!

I’m counting to twenty…

Can you see them? No? That’s probably because you’re playing hide and seek! This classic game doesn’t need any equipment other than a sense of fun. Close your eye, count to twenty and then go and try and find the ‘hider’. If you’re playing in a park with children be sure to set clear rules around where children can and cannot hide.

Where is it?

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get kids up and about. With a bit of preparation, it can take on a whole new level. Simply hide objects around the house or garden, making a note of what these objects are and where you’ve put them, then tell the kids to find them! It’s a good game for any number of children. With just one child the game can simply be finding the objects, with more than one child the game can be racing each other to find the object.

And the gold medal goes to…

Set up a mini-Olympics to entertain active kids this Easter. Measure out a metre or two in your garden, local park or living room and hold an Olympic long-jump competition. A race between two points to see who is the best sprinter in the world! Stretch a piece of string between two trees or two chairs and see who is the best high-jumper. Whatever games you play a mini-Olympics is a great way to entertain active kids but it’s not as fun as…

For more ideas on how to keep kids entertained over holidays read our blog here.

Make a splash at Dorset Waterpark!

The best and most fun way to burn off the Easter chocolate is to visit Dorset Waterpark! Our incredible woodland water park, which overlooks Corfe Castle, features two action-packed lakes. Each lake features an amazing course of inflatable objects to run, jump, slip and slide over or fall off! The perfect place for entertaining active kids!

Great facilities and a great price

Our fantastic bunch of staff are on hand to make your day an unforgettable experience. Our lifeguards keep it safe while making sure that everyone taking part enjoys themselves. It only costs £12.50 if booked over seven days in advance! Wetsuit hire is £5 per person and shoe hire a mere £2!

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