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Top Tips for Entertaining Kids this Half-Term

Top Tips for Entertaining Kids this Half-Term

Our top tips for entertaining kids this half-term

Entertain kids at Dorset Waterpark

Although it might seem like the Easter holidays were only yesterday, but now summer half term is just around the corner. Great news for kids but, as parents know it can be tough finding something for them to do. Something more than just playing on their phone that is! Luckily, we’re on hand to offer some top tips on entertaining kids this half-term. If you’re also interested in budget days out in Dorset then have a look at our blog post here.

Benefits of getting outside

Sometimes it’s easier just to stick the kids in front of the TV, tablet or smartphone and have done with it. But, deep down there’s always that nagging feeling that they should be outside and doing something! That nagging feeling is right; according to the NHS children between five and 18 should get around 60 minutes of exercise per-day! The best, and most enjoyable, way to get this amount of exercise is, of course, to get outside and run about. Encouraging kids to get outside, whether it is playing tennis, football or just running about being outside is always more fun that being in a gym.

Read on to discover our top tips for entertaining younger children.

Tips for entertaining younger children

When it comes to entertaining younger children, say those aged between six and 11, then holding their attention for a lengthy period is always difficult. That’s why, when it comes to younger kids, it’s good to choose an activity that is easy to understand and not regulated by too many rules. With that in mind here are some top tips for entertaining young children.

  • Play hide and seek Hide and seek is a classic game. It doesn’t require any preparation or equipment and can be played by two people or several people.

  • Hopscotch Remember the playground game of hopscotch? Why not recreate it in your living room or garden? Simply mark out the squares with chalk or, in the house why not use old clothes laid out on the ground?

  • Jump rope Jump rope or skipping is a great physical activity as well as a highly enjoyable one. Teaching young children how to skip is a great way to encourage them to exercise. If there are three of you in your family or friendship group then jump rope, two people holding the rope and one jumping over it, is a really fun activity.

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Entertaining older children

Older children, those aged 11 -16 say, can be harder to entertain - as most parents with teenagers would probably agree! But with the summer half-term on the horizon here are some great ideas for entertaining older children while they are out of school. As parents will know, when it comes to teenagers it is a mix of giving them a bit of freedom while also making sure that they’re safe.

Some ideas for entertaining older children during the summer half-term include…

  • A day out at the beach If the weather is good then a day out at the beach can be a great way to keep the older kids entertained. This is particularly true down here in Dorset where we’re lucky to have some wonderful beaches. Make sure you’re familiar with the local conditions though and keep an eye out for the kids in the sea!

  • Take a walk Simply just going for a walk in your local area can be a great way of entertaining older kids. Have a look at the map of the local area and get kids involved with the route planning. Why not make a day of it and bring a picnic along with you.

  • Go wild swimming Wild swimming is taking off in a big way. There are tonnes of resources out there that help you find a safe wild swimming spot close to where you live. It sounds cooler than just going to the swimming pool right? A great place to start planning a day out wild swimming is:

Entertaining your children at Dorset Waterpark

Whether your kids are six or 16 Dorset Waterpark is a great place to keep them active and entertained during the summer half-term. Set over two lakes, close to Corfe Castle, Dorset Waterpark is a giant water park featuring a mixture of inflatable objects on two lakes. Come on down and slip, slide, fall and flip off our 65 metre and 85 metre inflatable action loops.

How much does Dorset Waterpark cost?

Dorset Waterpark is very affordable. It only costs £12.50 per person if booked more than seven days in advance - it does get very busy though so booking is essential. If you’re booking less than seven days in advance it costs £15 per person.

Sounds fantastic, how can I learn more?

Learn more about the fantastic fun on offer at Dorset Waterpark by visiting our homepage or read our FAQs section for any questions that you might have, or click here to book your day out.

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