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Planning a Birthday Party? Our Top Tips

Planning a Birthday Party? Our Top Tips

You’re throwing a children’s birthday party! That can be loads of fun but it can also be a lot of responsibility. If you’re looking for things to do for a kids birthday party in Dorset we’ve some fantastic ideas. Read on to discover our top tips for throwing a children’s birthday party in Dorset.

Tip one - get your numbers down

Decide on your numbers. While your children who are having the birthday party might want to invite absolutely everyone (and their pets) it is important to set some boundaries around who is invited. Once you’ve got the number of children coming agreed, and the right number of adults coming to supervise them then it is time to move on to the next section…where to host the party.

Tip two - your house or elsewhere?

Now it’s time to decide where to throw your big bash. Is your house up to the job or is it best to look elsewhere (and let someone else do the cleaning up afterward) There are loads of things to do for a kid’s birthday party in Dorset, but you need to choose a venue that will keep the birthday party entertained and fed!

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Tip three - how to choose a venue

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When choosing a venue for a child’s birthday party in Dorset you need to look for somewhere that can keep a large group of kids entertained and fed all within a safe and fun environment. If the venue also takes care of birthday cakes then you can’t go far wrong. We think Dorset Waterpark makes for an excellent venue for a children’s birthday party. Read on to find out more.

Why Dorset Waterpark is a great place for a birthday party

Fun at Dorset Waterpark

Dorset Waterpark makes a fantastic venue for a kid’s birthday party. The water park is spread over two lakes close by the beautiful Corfe Castle. Each lake features different inflatable obstacles for you to slip and slide over, across and off. Our epic 65-metre action loop features a trampoline, slide, climber and flip bag. There’s even more fun on our awesome woodland lake with an 85-metre action loop complete with a wiggle bridge, slack line and balance beam. Sounds like fun right? Read on to learn more about our special birthday party packages.

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What do you get in a birthday party package at Dorset Waterpark?

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Birthday party packages at Dorset Waterpark are suitable for ages 6 - 16, and are available at weekends, during school holidays and term-time evenings. A birthday party package includes a one hour session on the water park, free wetsuit hire for everyone taking part, and a burger plus a hot or cold drink after the session. What’s even more, with our birthday party packages you get a birthday cake and a pack of party invitations! How brilliant is that?

Birthday party packages sound brilliant, how much does it cost?

Confidence building at Dorset Waterpark

Birthday party packages at Dorset Waterpark cost £25 per child, for parties of eight children or more. A deposit of £100 is required on booking and final balance and payment is due two weeks before the date of your party. Every child needs to bring with them a consent form, if the parents are not going to be present, and some shoes to wear to the park. Each child will also need to bring swimwear and a towel, please note that flip-flops or Crocs are not suitable to wear at the water park.

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How do I book a birthday party at Dorset Waterpark?

Booking a birthday party at Dorset Waterpark couldn’t be easier. Simply call us on 01929 505030 today. You can also get more information on our birthday party packages by visiting we have downloadable party invitations on that page as well. So what are you waiting for? Book your amazing birthday bash today.

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