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Something Fun for Kids From Six to Sixty

Something Fun for Kids From Six to Sixty

The summer holidays are just around the corner. Exciting times for children…and possibly exciting times for adults too! Keeping children of different ages entertained across the summer holidays can be difficult, what can your six-year-old do that your 12 year old also loves? What can you do that is not only fun for them but fun for you too. Don’t worry though, help is at hand in with our top tips and activities for children of different ages in Dorset. First though, a look at why Dorset Waterpark is great for children of all ages.

Suitable for ages from 6 to sixty (and up!)

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Dorset Waterpark is open to all children aged over six years old. Great for kids young and old alike (even if some of those kids are on the inside!). What is even better is that while children under 12 have to be supervised, children over 12 are free to enjoy themselves without supervision. This freedom makes Dorset Waterpark a fantastic family activity! A parent or guardian must be present at the briefing though to give consent for all under 18s to take part.

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Fun and friendly team


Our fun and friendly team of lifeguards ensure that you and your children have an amazing time in a very safe environment. Provided that you and your children are confident in the water and able to swim 50 metres then there is something for everyone at Dorset Waterpark.

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Food for all

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Whether your party are aged 6 and 12 or 12 and 20 one thing is certain, they are going to be hungry after a fantastic time on the trail. That’s where our fantastic Snack Shack comes in, serving burgers and hot and cold refreshments it’s the perfect place to grab something to eat after a busy morning on the water. If you would prefer to bring your own food then that is okay too, we have a fantastic picnic area.

What if one of my children is under six?

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While children have to be aged six and over to take part in activities at Dorset Waterpark, help is on hand in the form of Dorset Mud Trail. This 1.5km muddy trail, in the grounds of Dorset Waterpark, is perfect for those kids who just love to get grubby. Free for spectators and only £5 for those aged under six Dorset Mud Trail is the perfect place to take the younger kids (and older ones too!). Book your tickets to Dorset Mud Trail here.

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