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Kid's Birthday Party Ideas That Won't Cost The Earth

Kid's Birthday Party Ideas That Won't Cost The Earth

Children’s birthday parties can get quite expensive, quite fast. There’s the presents, the cake, the food for everyone who’s attending, not to mention a trip out somewhere. Here are our top tips on how to throw a kid’s birthday party that doesn’t cost a fortune. Read on to find out more.

Don’t go overboard on the food

NetMums suggests that a great way to save money on a kid’s birthday party is not to go overboard on the food. Rather than providing loads and loads of different bits and bobs of food, sit down and work out how much each child is likely to eat and divide the amount of food that you have between them. If that seems reasonable then you have enough.

Double up suggests that a great way of throwing a kid’s birthday party on a budget is to combine it with a friend’s. Does your child have a friend or a sibling with a birthday in the same month or week? If so why not double up and combine the two parties, reducing the costs for everyone involved.

Timing is everything suggests that one of the keys to throwing a kid’s birthday bash on a budget is to time it right. If your party takes place between lunch and tea then it is likely that those attending will have already eaten and won’t be expecting a full meal or even lots of snacks.

Of course, there is one other option…

Let Dorset Waterpark take care of everything

Why not let Dorset Waterpark take care of everything instead? You could even follow our second tip and book a joint kid’s birthday party. Read on to discover why we think that Dorset Waterpark is the best venue for kids’ parties in the South West!

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Book a children’s birthday party at Dorset Waterpark

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What do you get at a Dorset Waterpark birthday party?

Book a day out at Dorset Waterpark

Birthday party packages at Dorset Waterpark have got it all. Start with a whole sixty minutes slipping, sliding and splashing around on our two epic action loops. Wobble your way across the wiggle bridge, bail off off the balance beam, brave the monkey bars and have a fantastically fun time. Once you’ve finished on the water then every child gets a burger and a hot or cold drink and a snack (how fantastic is that?). What’s more, we even have birthday cake! Yep, that’s right, there’s birthday cake after your session. Each child also gets a party bag and we give you a pack of party invitations - you can download these invitations here, what a brilliant way to save more money!

How much does it cost?

Confidence building at Dorset Waterpark

Available for ages six to 16 a children’s party package at Dorset Waterpark is only £25 per child for eight children or more. All children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult on a 1:4 ratio and a deposit of £100 is required upon booking.

Sounds brilliant, how do I book?

It’s really, really easy to book a birthday party at Dorset Waterpark, simply call us today on 01929 505030 and speak to our team.

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Book a children’s birthday party at Dorset Waterpark

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