Dorset Waterpark

The Staff

Dorset Waterpark - a woodland, wet, adventure park in Purbeck

AliceMarketing Manager

How long have you been at Dorset Waterpark? Since March 2017

What is your favourite thing about working at Dorset Waterpark? Having the best office view in the whole country!

What do you get up to when you’re not working at Dorset Waterpark? I try to spend every possible free moment on the beautiful beaches of Dorset.

Your favourite local eatery? Worth Matravers Tea and Super Rooms

Your favourite Dorset attraction other than Dorset Waterpark? I got really obsessed with the starling murmurations in Studland last winter.

If you weren’t working here you be working…? On my tan, preferably on an exotic beach in the Caribbean!

Favourite moment since starting at Dorset Waterpark? I loved seeing the faces of the returning lifeguards when they saw how much had changed at the waterpark over winter.