Dorset Waterpark

The Staff

Dorset Waterpark - a woodland, wet, adventure park in Purbeck


How long have you been at Dorset Waterpark? I have been at Dorset Waterpark since June of our first season, started off from work experience as part of my school course.

What is your favourite thing about working at Dorset Waterpark? My favourite thing about working at the Waterpark is the people I work with, some are friends I’ve had for a long time, some I have gained from working here.

What do you get up to when you’re not working at Dorset Waterpark? I like to spend my days in the hills hiking and doing bushcraft as well as going out and rock climbing when there’s time.

Your favourite local eatery? My favourite local eatery is the fish plaice in swanage

Your favourite Dorset attraction other than Dorset Waterpark? A good local attraction is the project in Poole, good place to spend an evening bouldering with friends.

If you weren’t working here you be working…? If I wasn’t working here I’d more than likely be aiming to work in the fire service and coastguard rescue service.

Favourite moment since starting at Dorset Waterpark? My favourite moment at Dorset Waterpark has to be our staff lifeguard olympics session at the end of last season- so much fun!